BeLive - Boost your business with branded live streams

BeLive – Boost your business with branded live streams

You’ve always dreamed of having your own talk show.

“You got a puppy! Get yourselves a puppy! Everyone has a puppy!” The crowd turns wild, confetti falling from the roof, Taylor quickly embraces you… Then your alarm clock goes off.

Stop sleeping in your hopes and dreams.

The truth is, you don’t need fancy equipment or studio settings to reach your audience.

You have to believe.

Create professional-grade real-time transmissions with your brand logo and colors, as well as custom graphics and designs

Interview with experts on the screen up to four people

Increase real-time interaction by displaying audience comments and questions on the screen

Ideal for: Content creators who want to offer online courses and coaching

Belive is a live streaming platform that makes it easy to create professional and brand videos to boost your business.

In the digital age, staying ahead of competition means being in front of the audience, literally.

With Belive’s easy-to-use video platform, you can create professional brand live videos, increase brand awareness, promote engagement, and transform leads. (There are no DRR cameras, complex lighting or ideas that need umbrellas!)

Customize your video with your company logo, graphics and animated text, and even change colors and backgrounds anytime during live streaming.

Keep your brand at any time in the stream with custom logos, colors and overlays.

Think of living like dinner. (No, I do not like Michael and Jan in the office make everyone very uncomfortable.)

Imagine this: a cozy atmosphere where your guests feel welcome and really want to be part of the conversation (no one is posing as an emergency).

Belive allows you to engage viewers in real time and turn them into participants by displaying audience comments on the screen in real time. Also, use the next third of the text to focus on the topic or ask questions.

You can easily share preloaded screens, images or even videos to show viewers your latest work or introduce them to the tools you’re using.

Show live comments on the screen and use the third text below to focus on a topic or ask a question.

When it comes to growing your community, the better.

Interviewing industry experts talk show (up to four on-screen guests) to reach more people and increase participation. Mobile, Oprah.

Invite participants by sharing their visitor link with anyone and everyone.

Invite guests to use your unique link and display up to 4 people on the screen.

Live streaming from anywhere in minutes.

To begin with, all you need is a webcam and Internet connection. Don’t believe me, just watch (live).

Organize and promote your broadcast in advance with your unique link and start participating before it goes live!

It only takes a few minutes to connect, only a laptop and a camera are needed.

When it comes to living, you do not need to be a professional, you just have to look and feel like a professional.

And be confident that you will.

Get access for life now!

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